Wednesday, February 25, 2009


McCain: 'We Are Not Winning' War in Afghanistan

Fox News — Sen. John McCain painted a grim picture of the war in the Afghanistan on Wednesday, saying that it will require a change in strategy and years to achieve victory.
Speaking before a packed crowd at the American Enterprise Institute, the Republican from Arizona said that if the U.S. did not make a "serious change" in its strategy and and how it deploys resources in Afghanistan, the result eventually would be failure.
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Decades After Soviet Exit, Another Superpower is Tied Down in Afghan Conflict

Eurasianet — For 35-year-old Abdul Bashir, the physical scars he bears serve as a daily reminder of the morning his childhood home outside the Afghan capital was bombed.
What was to be a day of celebration resulted in the loss of family members and some 70 fellow residents of the village of Ali Mardan, near Kabul.
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Obama to Seek $75.5 Billion More for Wars in 2009

Bloomberg — President Barack Obama will seek $75.5 billion more for combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of this fiscal year, according to three people familiar with the request.
It will be submitted along with the fiscal 2010 budget Obama sends to Congress tomorrow. That proposal will request $130 billion for the wars in fiscal 2010 in addition to a total Defense Department budget of about $534 billion, the people said.
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