Thursday, February 12, 2009

Iraseli Parliamentary Elections

Moderate party holds edge in final Israeli count

AP — The Kadima Party of moderate Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni kept its slight lead over Benjamin Netanyahu's hawkish Likud in final election results announced Thursday, but the hard-line bloc in Israel's new parliament will have the power to stymie Mideast peace efforts.
Kadima will get 28 seats in the 120-seat parliament and Likud 27, far less than the 61-seat majority needed to govern alone. Livni and Netanyahu are already hard at work trying to line up potential partners for a governing coalition.
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Results confirm Israeli deadlock

BBC he final results of Israel's general election have confirmed that neither of the two main parties can form a government on its own.
With military and overseas ballots counted, the governing Kadima still has 28 seats and the opposition Likud has 27 - well short of the 61 they need.
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Netanyahu moves to form coalition government

Iran VNC Likud Party chairman, Benjamin Netanyahu, may offer top positions to rival party leaders, in a bid to quickly form a coalition government, Israel’s Haaretz daily reports today.
Following Tuesday’s election, the right-wing Likud Party gained 27 seats in the 120-member parliament, while the centrist Kadima Party of Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni won 28 seats.
However, analysts say the right-wing parties have a better chance of forming a coalition government.
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