Friday, February 20, 2009

NATO in Afghanistan

NATO allies reluctant to increase Afghan presence

International Herald Tribune — NATO defense ministers concluded two days of talks here Friday with indications that few allies were willing to offer significant numbers of additional combat troops for Afghanistan but that they might seek to compensate by deploying more civilians to train local security forces and build the country's economy.
The announcement this week that the Obama administration would send 17,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan by the summer was met with formal offers from allies numbering only in the hundreds of fresh troops of their own.
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Increasing Afghan challenges for NATO

BBC -- Nato defence ministers meeting amid the glacial beauty of Krakow skated their way over many of the difficulties surrounding the alliance's mission in Afghanistan.
There was no getting away from the realities on the ground, though, amid what President Barack Obama recently termed a "deteriorating situation".
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NATO members offer more Afghan support

ABC Australia -- US Defence Secretary Robert Gates says up to 20 NATO members have offered to boost their civilian, military or training commitment to Afghanistan.
The United States has been putting pressure on its allies to increase their contribution at a time when Washington is sending an extra 17,000 troops.
But many NATO countries face opposition at home and do not want to get more deeply involved.
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