Wednesday, February 18, 2009

North Korea

N Korea's Kim Jong Il makes pitch before election

International Herald Tribune — North Korean strongman Kim Jong Il is no ordinary politician. But he is acting like one, making promises and urging citizens to vote ahead of an election that was delayed amid his reputed health problems.
The reclusive leader of the impoverished yet nuclear-armed country has appealed to citizens ahead of balloting next month for his re-election to the Supreme People's Assembly — North Korea's rubber-stamp parliamen
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Hillary Clinton's North Korea naivete

L.A. Times -- Hillary Rodham Clinton prefaced her first trip abroad as secretary of State with a speech Friday sketching out various Obama administration views regarding her Asia itinerary. Her approach on the crucial issue of North Korea's nuclear weapons program embodies an overwhelming -- and unfortunate -- continuity with the Bush administration. This is not at all surprising, given the president's campaign rhetoric.
What is surprising is the sheer innocence in which the substance has been packaged, a naivete extending well beyond North Korea. The secretary's attitude is potentially more troubling than the dull repetitiveness of the policy, which invokes the importance of the six-party talks and the need to "get the negotiations back on track."
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North Korea has right to launch missiles - KCNA

Reuters -- North Korean state media on Monday said the country had the right to launch its longest-range missile, after reports in the South that such a test could come by the end of the month.
North Korea says the long-range missile is a cornerstone of its peaceful space program. It accused the United States and others of a "grave challenge" to question its intentions.
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