Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EPA Warns of Greenhouse Gas Danger

EPA Presses Obama To Regulate Warming Under Clean Air Act

Washington Post — The Environmental Protection Agency's new leadership, in a step toward confronting global warming, submitted a finding that will force the White House to decide whether to limit greenhouse gas emissions under the nearly 40-year-old Clean Air Act.
Under that law, EPA's conclusion -- that such emissions are pollutants that endanger the public's health and welfare -- could trigger a broad regulatory process affecting much of the U.S. economy as well as the nation's future environmental trajectory. The agency's finding, which was sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget without fanfare on Friday, also reversed one of the Bush administration's landmark decisions on climate change, and it indicated anew that President Obama's appointees will push to address the issue of warming despite the potential political costs.
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The price of greenhouse gases

L.A. Times — President Bush's greatest crime against the environment was his refusal to regulate greenhouse gases. The Obama administration is reportedly wasting little time righting that wrong.
Quoting unnamed sources, the Washington Post reported Monday that the Environmental Protection Agency has sent the White House a preliminary finding that climate change is endangering public health and welfare. If this is cleared by the Office of Management and Budget and finalized by EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, it would lay the groundwork for national regulation of carbon dioxide and other global warming gases. That would have an impact on the economy, though whether positive or negative is a matter of debate.
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Obama looks to Congress for climate change plan

The Hill — The White House said Monday that President Obama wants to work with Congress on a plan to address greenhouse gases after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report stating that global warming is endangering the public’s health.
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged that he had not studied the EPA report, which represents a significan
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