Friday, March 6, 2009

Gandhi Artifacts on the Auction Block

Time runs out to halt sale of Mahatma Gandhi's watch and glasses

Tmes Online UK — Mahatma Gandhi might not have believed in the value of material possessions but one of his professed followers clearly does.
Unless a last-minute deal is struck Gandhi's few surviving personal effects, including a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles, a Zenith pocket watch and a pair of sandals, will go on the auction block today in New York, with an estimated reserve price of $20,000 (£14,100) to $30,000. The actual price is expected to be much higher.
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Indians try to recover Gandhi items up for auction

C S Monitor — Mahatma Gandhi advocated not clinging to material possessions, but Gandhi fans today don’t seem to mind fighting over the ones he left behind.
Indians around the world are scrambling to recover the independence hero’s glasses and other effects going on the auction block Thursday in New York.
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Gandhi Items Sold at Auction for $1.8 Million

Voice of America — There is a sense of huge relief in India that several personal possessions of independence leader Mahatma Gandhi are set to return home after an Indian business tycoon successfully bid for them at an auction in New York. The auction of Gandhi's belongings became embroiled in controversy following outrage and opposition in India.
Culture and Tourism Minister Ambika Soni congratulated the people of India and said the government is happy that Mahatma Gandhi's heritage "to which we are emotionally bonded" has been saved.
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