Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gaza Aftermath

UN Human Rights Council censures Israel five times

Jerusalem Post — The United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday approved five anti-Israel resolutions in which it took issue with Israel's continued settlement activity, its treatment of West Bank Palestinians and its January military operation in Gaza.
Canada was the sole country to object to all the resolutions. They were joined in one instance by the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, who opposed the resolution against Israeli military activity in Gaza.
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Israel disputes Gaza death rates

BBC — Israel says its calculation of the death toll from its assault on Gaza shows a much lower ratio of civilian deaths than other published figures.
Military researchers say 1,166 Palestinians were killed of whom 709 are described as "terror operatives" from the militant group Hamas.
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Israel defends use of flesh-eating weapon

Iran Press TV — Tel Aviv hits back at a humanitarian report that suggests the Israeli army had 'illegally' shelled Gazans with white phosphorus shells.
The New York-headquartered Human Rights Watch said in a recent report that Israel's indiscriminate and deliberate use of white phosphorus against Palestinian civilians amounts to war crimes.
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