Monday, March 9, 2009

Negotiating with the Taliban

Talking to the Taliban has failed before

The Guardian UK — President Barack Obama's latest statements on strategy for Afghanistan are full of good sense. "We are not winning," he has admitted, something that has been patently obvious to anyone who has spent any time in the country in recent years. He could have added too that the US and its allies are not losing either. Instead there is just a vicious stalemate, a trial of patience as much as a trial of force, in which those Afghans caught in the crossfire – figuratively, or increasingly literally – are the losers.
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Taliban: no peace talks unless withdrawal of all foreign troops

Chinaview — Zabihullah Mujahed, the purported Taliban spokesman, in response with U.S. President Barack Obama's call to reach out to moderate Taliban, reiterated on Monday that Taliban's framework is consolidated and there would be no talks unless all the international troops withdraw from Afghanistan.
Mujahed told Xinhua via phone from an unknown hideout that it is ridiculous to sort Taliban as so called "moderate" or "fundamental".
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Commentary: Deals with Taliban could be dangerous

CNN — It is a longstanding cliché that there is no military solution in Afghanistan, only a political one.
Linked to this is the newer, related notion, rapidly becoming a cliché, that the United States should start making deals with elements of the "reconcilable" Taliban.
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