Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Russian Bombers in Venezuela?

Chavez offers Russia use of base

BBC — Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, says he has offered Moscow the use of an airfield off its Caribbean coast for Russian strategic long-range bombers.
But Mr Chavez denied there would be discussions on building any permanent base on the island of La Orchila.
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Pentagon mocks Russian moves in Latin America

Agence France Presse — The US Defense Department on Monday made light of Russia's possible use of air bases in Venezuela or Cuba for its strategic bombers.
"That would be quite a long way for those old planes to fly," Geoff Morrell, Pentagon press secretary, told AFP.
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Chávez denies offering base to Russia

Boston Globe — President Hugo Chávez said yesterday that Russian bombers would be welcome in Venezuela, but the socialist leader denied that his country would offer Moscow its territory for a military base.
Chávez - a fierce critic of Washington with close ties to Russia and Cuba - said his government did not raise the possibility, as Russian media had reported.
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