Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Salmonella in Peanuts

FDA issues peanut safety guidelines for foodmakers

Reuters — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued safety guidelines for companies that use peanut products on Tuesday and said it may seize products that test positive for salmonella bacteria.
While heat-sensitive, salmonella bacteria become heat-resistant in high-fat environments such as peanut butter, the FDA guidance advises.
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Salmonella recall could cost peanut producers $1B

Fox KMPH — A congressional panel holds hearings Wednesday on how peanut farmers and small businesses from food stores to restaurants are being hurt by the nationwide peanut scare.
According to advance testimony obtained by The Associated Press, the head of the Georgia Peanut Commission says it could cost peanut producers $1 billion in lost production and sales.
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Salmonella spurs changes in Ga. food inspection

Forbes — Spurred by a deadly salmonella outbreak traced to a Georgia peanut processing plant, the state's lawmakers have sought to toughen food safety standards they say could have stemmed the spread of the illness.
The House unanimously adopted a proposal Tuesday that gives state agriculture officials power to deputize local health inspectors so they can quickly probe potential trouble spots. The state Department of Agriculture complained loudly after the outbreak that its 60 inspectors are stretched thin, trying to monitor some 16,000 sites throughout Georgia.
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