Saturday, April 11, 2009

Banks Undergoing Stress Tests

Your Bank May Fail-But Let's Keep That A Secret

Nolan Chart — Banks are being ordered not to share the results of a "Stress Test" that is supposed to indicate how they would manage under a set of various scenarios. So the government will know, the banks will know. Only you, with your assets in their hands, will be kept in the dark.
According to a recent Bloomberg article titled "Fed Said to Order Banks to Stay Mum on Stress Test' Results"you will be the last person to find out that your bank does not have what it takes to survive a continued shrinking of the U.S. Economy.
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All 19 US banks pass Treasury's 'stress tests'

Telegraph UK — The mixed outcome of the tests – the results of which will be published at the end of the month – emerged as Wells Fargo surprised the market with an unexpected pre-close statement in which it revealed it made $3bn (£2bn) of profit in the first quarter.
The figure is 50pc higher than the profit earned in the same quarter last year, and beat even the most optimistic expectations.
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Insiders: Bank Stress Tests Not Credible

Money News — Insiders at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) are sniping that the so-called "stress" tests that Treasury Secretary Geithner wants to conduct on some of the nation's largest banks are a "pointless exercise" for public relations purposes.
The banking regulators, in interviews with the New York Post, claim that the Geithner plan is not a credible way to assess how much additional cash battered banks will need.
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