Sunday, April 5, 2009

NATO Selects New Chief

Obama Again Invokes Personal Diplomacy to Avert NATO Stalemate

Bloomberg — President Barack Obama waded into a diplomatic stalemate for the second time on his European trip and once again succeeded in bringing his more senior peers into harmony.
With a North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit facing potential deadlock yesterday over Turkey’s opposition to Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as the next head of NATO, Obama brought Rasmussen and Turkish President Abdullah Gul together for a talk.
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WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Europe wheels and deals, too

AP — Wheeling and dealing in politics is universal.
That's one of the lessons President Barack Obama says he took away from his first NATO summit.
He has said throughout his tour of European countries that he had come "to listen, to learn." So an Austrian television reporter took him up on it.
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New NATO chief a hard sell in Muslim world

Daily Times — Rasmussen was a staunch Bush ally, supported Iraq invasion and earned international Muslim condemnation for his support of blasphemous cartoons published by a Danish newspaper in 2005
ANDERS Fogh Rasmussen is a poster boy in Western capitals but it remains to be seen how the smooth-talking Dane’s nomination Saturday as NATO secretary general will go down in the Muslim world.
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