Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obama to tour Latin America

Obama: Latin America on equal footing with U.S.

CNN — A day before embarking on a trip to Latin America, President Obama described his planned talks with Latin American leaders as discussions among equals.
"Times have changed," Obama told CNN en Español Wednesday. Referring to his planned meeting later this week with Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, he said, "My relationship with President Lula is one of two leaders who both have big countries, that we are trying to solve problems and create opportunities for our people and we should be partners.
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Barack Obama braced for an earbashing on first trip to other America

Times UK — President Obama embarks today on the next leg of his global tour, staging a show of solidarity with Mexico in its fight against drug cartels even as he braces himself for a Caribbean ear-bashing from Latin America’s leaders on the Left.
Scarcely a week after returning from a six-nation journey through Europe and the Middle East, Mr Obama flies to Mexico City today for talks with President Calderón, who is still smarting over a Pentagon report last year that said that his country was in danger of becoming a “failed state”.
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Latin America summit a proving ground for Obama

L.A. Times — Stepping back onto the world stage, President Obama this week will meet Western Hemisphere leaders at a summit where he hopes to salvage alliances strained by grievances that the U.S. under former President Bush ignored Latin America because of Washington's focus on Iraq and terrorism.
Obama is a popular figure in the region and can expect an enthusiastic welcome. But he also will confront deep resentments over some U.S. policies that he is reluctant to change.
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