Friday, May 1, 2009

Twitter News

Nielsen finds majority quit Twitter after only a month

Baltimore Sun — Media folk are tripping over each other these days to tell their audiences how cool they think Twitter is and how deeply they are into Twitter culture.
Maybe so. But here's a fascinating fact from a new Nielsen survey: Three out of every five users who sign up for Twitter drop out by the second month. That is only a 40 percent retention rate -- much lower than that for Facebook and MySpace.
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Twitter Quitters Just Don't Get It

ABC News — A Nielsen report this week revealed that Twitter has an uncanny knack for hemorrhaging users.
In fact, some 60 percent of new users bail on the service within a month. For those of us who've been tweeting for a couple of years, this isn't exactly a shocker. Many longtime users have gone through that initial period of wondering what, if any, use Twitter might be. And maybe it's better for everyone if those who don't get it refrain from tweeting until they do.
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Sarah Palin begins to Twitter

CNET News — Oh, it was merely a bit of fun while such media hogs as Ashton Kutcher and CNN were doing it.
But once Oprah became a participant, you knew that Twitter had reached the upper echelons of politics and society.
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