Saturday, May 9, 2009

U.S. Airstrike in Afghanistan Causes Controversy

Legislator: death toll of air strikes in W Afghanistan reaches 147

Xinhua — A member of Provincial Council Hajji Abdul Basir Khairkhah on Friday put the number of casualties at 147 for the international troops' air strikes in western Afghan province of Farah early this week.
"The list prepared of those killed in air strikes on Garani village of Balablok district contains the names of 147 people, mostly women and children," Hajji Abdul Basir Khairkhah told Xinhua.
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Air strike end would harm Afghan troops

Associated France Presse — An end to air strikes in Afghanistan, demanded by President Hamid Karzai after scores of civilians were allegedly killed this week, would deprive Afghan troops of vital protection, a US official said Friday.
"Airstrikes are not acceptable," Karzai told CNN on Friday during a visit to Washington, adding that his government's information was that nearly 125 to 130 civilians were killed, including women and children, in this week's strikes.
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U.S. Disputes Afghan Count Of Fatalities

Washington Post — The U.S. military called "extremely over-exaggerated" a report that as many as 147 civilians had died in an incident in western Afghanistan this week involving American forces and the Taliban.
Afghans blame aerial bombing Monday and Tuesday for the deaths and destruction, and President Hamid Karzai, in Washington to meet with U.S. politicians, said in a Friday interview with CNN that his government estimated the number of civilian deaths to be 125 to 130. He called the airstrikes "not acceptable."
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