Monday, June 15, 2009

Britain Opens Inquiry into Iraq War

Britain to Hold Independent Inquiry into Iraq War

Voice of America — British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced a broad, independent inquiry into the country's involvement in the Iraq war. But despite considerable pressure, Mr. Brown said the inquiry would not be held in public.
Speaking before the House of Commons, Mr. Brown said since British military operations in Iraq have ended, the time had come for a thorough inquiry into the war.
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Anger over UK probe into Iraq war

Aljazeera — Gordon Brown, the British prime minister, has been accused of staging a cover-up after he ruled that an inquiry into the UK's involvement in the US-led invasion of Iraq would be held in private.
Nick Clegg, the leader of the opposition Liberal Democrat party, said on Monday the war had been the "biggest foreign policy mistake this country has made in generations" and that Brown was "covering up the path" that led to it.
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Brown favors secrecy for Iraq war inquiry

United Press International — British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday his country's Iraq war inquiry would be conducted in secret to allow for a full investigation.
The Times of London said Brown defended his secrecy position on the inquiry by saying private interviews and information-gathering would allow for more candid accounts while ensuring Britain's national security.
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