Friday, July 3, 2009

Gay Court Ruling in India

Indian gays celebrate after judge repeals anti-sex law

The Globe and Mail — The hush of the courtroom was broken by disbelieving gasps, a few hastily suppressed whoops of joy, and then the sound of weeping as rows of gay activists clutching hands listened to a judgment that few had believed would come in their lifetime. In a judgment invoking the Indian tradition of tolerance and inclusion, the New Delhi High Court yesterday repealed the portion of a sex law criminalizing consensual gay sex between adults.
The judgment will radically change life for millions of gay, lesbian and transgender Indians who have long been subject to harassment and abuse under the law, and represents a huge gain for gay rights in the developing world.
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Legalising gay sex will make 'old people miserable'

Indian Express — Legalising gay sex came in for sharp criticism in Rajya Sabha on Friday, with a Samajwadi Party member saying that this will destroy the Indian culture and established tradition and values.
Raising the issue during Zero Hour, Ram Gopal Yadav said the Delhi High Court ruling legalising gay sex should be challenged by the Centre in the Supreme Court.
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Cyber war over legalising gay sex

Indian Express — Bringing out the deep divisions in Indian society about homosexuality, netizens have given a mixed reaction to the court ruling legalising gay sex, with some terming it as a "great judgement" and some saying same-sex relations are "unnatural" and against Indian culture.
Comments poured in blogs and media websites after the Delhi High Court gave the path-breaking judgement legalising gay sex between consenting adults.
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