Sunday, July 26, 2009

Palin quits

Sarah Palin leaving governor's post amid confusion, criticism

L.A. Times — Up here in Alaska, wildlife metaphors tend to be as abundant as their flesh-and-blood counterparts, and Gov. Sarah Palin has helped herself to them generously in explaining why she's stepping down today, barely halfway through her term.
She didn't want the state to be stuck with a "lame duck" chief executive, she said. She could hang around the Statehouse and go with the flow, she allowed, but "only dead fish go with the flow."
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Palin's Next Step Is Still a Mystery

Wall Street Journal — Sarah Palin will enter uncharted political waters when she leaves the Alaska stage Sunday.
Now the question is whether she will go on to become a viable presidential candidate in 2012, after having quit her governor's job with 18 months left in her term. Or will Ms. Palin instead choose to parlay her popularity among conservatives to become a power broker in the Republican Party, or quit politics altogether to cash in on her fame with books and TV contracts?
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Three reasons Palin’s move might be about money

Christian Science Monitor — Many Americans are still confused about the sudden resignation of Gov. Sarah Palin, who will leave her post at a picnic in Fairbanks today. But one clear message has emerged, say friends and foes of the former vice presidential candidate: It is, at least partly, about the money.
No. 1: Legal bills – the personal costs
It’s about a personal legal bill that the governor says has exceeded $500,000 to fight a barrage of more than 20 ethics charges.
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