Friday, July 17, 2009

U.S. Sanctions on North Korea

U.N. Slaps Sanctions on North Korean Firms, Individuals

NTI — The U.N. Security Council yesterday released its much-anticipated list of North Korean firms and individuals to be sanctioned for their role in aiding the nation's nuclear and missile activities, the Wall Street Journal reported (see GSN, July 16).
The new blacklist covers five people and five companies.
"We are pleased with the new international sanctions agreed upon today in response to North Korea's nuclear tests and recent missile activity," said Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. "These new designations ... will serve to constrain North Korea from engaging in transactions or activities that could fund its WMD or proliferation activities."
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US urges N. Korea to return to dialogue

Iran Press TV — The United State calls on North Korea to return to the six-party talks, saying it is still "not too late" to resume the frozen talks on nuclear disarmament.
"We think it's important to send a collective message to North Korea that it's not too late and that we still wish them to return to the six-party talks and to hold responsible negotiations," Kurt Campbell, US Assistant Secretary of State, was quoted by Kyodo News as saying on Friday.
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New Sanctions Against North Korea: Too Little, Too Late?

Fox News — Is the United Nations doing anything to stop North Korea? Well, there is news tonight, the U.N. imposing new sanctions against five North Korean companies involved in the country's nuclear program. In addition, give North Korean individuals now face a travel ban and have had their assets frozen. And there is more. Two types of materials used in ballistic missile parts are now banned from being sold in North Korea. Do these sanctions matter to the North Koreans?
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