Saturday, May 16, 2009

Guantanamo Solutions Hard to Come By

Human Rights Watch blasts Obama

UPI — Human Rights Watch called President Barack Obama's plan to use military commissions to try some U.S. detainees a step back from his campaign promises.
"The military commissions system is flawed beyond repair," said Kenneth Roth, the group's executive director. "By resurrecting this failed Bush administration idea, President Obama is backtracking dangerously on his reform agenda."
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Military tribunals still seen as flawed

L.A. Times — Reporting from Washington and Los Angeles -- President Obama's decision Friday to revive military tribunals to try suspected terrorists will likely fail to erase the taint of illegitimacy over the courts despite efforts at reform, civilian and military legal experts said.
Obama outlined five rule changes aimed at bolstering defendants' rights, including strict limits on the use of coerced evidence, tougher restrictions on the use of hearsay evidence and more latitude for defendants to choose their own lawyers.
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Obama war court decision backed by key GOP senator

Miami Herald — South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham praised President Barack Obama's decision to maintain a system of military tribunals for some detainees, saying it reflects the standards he originally advocated.
Graham, a military lawyer who's served on active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he's had three conversations with Obama since December about detainee issues, along with more frequent contacts with senior administration and military officials.
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