Sunday, May 17, 2009

UK Parliament Expenses Scandal

Voters to punish big UK parties over expenses-polls

Reuters India — Britain's main political parties are likely to cede ground to marginal groups at next month's European elections because of public anger over a far-reaching expenses scandal, opinion polls showed on Sunday.
Newspapers reported Queen Elizabeth had expressed concern to Prime Minister Gordon Brown over the disclosures, which have stained parliament's reputation and angered Britons at a time when many are losing their homes and unemployment is soaring.
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Brown promises expenses sanctions

BBC — Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said he "does not rule out any sanction", as he pledges to restore trust after the expenses revelations.
Writing in the News of the World newspaper, Mr Brown said he was "under no illusions that repayment will not necessarily be sufficient sanction".
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Police to look at MP allegations

BBC — Allegations about MPs' allowances are to be examined by a panel of police officers and lawyers amid growing calls for action over the expenses scandal.
They will decide whether individual complaints merit a criminal inquiry.
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