Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coup in Honduras

Troops arrest Honduran president ahead of vote

Iran Press TV — More than a dozen soldiers have arrested Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and confiscated document from his mansion after disarming his security guards.
The detention on Sunday came just hours ahead of a planned poll on whether to change the constitution allowing him to extend his non-renewable four-year term in office due to expire in 2010.
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Arrest a coup, says Honduras leader

Guardian UK — Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said soldiers roused him from bed, beat his bodyguards and arrested him in his pyjamas in what he criticised as "a coup" and "a kidnapping".
Mr Zelaya told a local television station that he is at the airport in San Jose, capital of Costa Rica.
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Obama Calls for Order as Honduran Military Arrests President

FOX News — President Obama on Sunday called on all actors in Honduras to respect the rule of law after military leaders there arrested President Manuel Zelaya to head off Zelaya's attempt to hold a vote on constitutional changes deemed illegal by the country's Supreme Court and Congress.
Zelaya, in a move similar to his ally, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, had wanted to overturn the law that prohibited him from seeking another term in office. He called the arrest a "coup" and a "kidnapping."
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