Monday, June 29, 2009

U.S. Troops Withdrawal

Iraq celebrates U.S. troops pullout under tight security measures

China View (Xinhua) — Iraqis prepared for a massive celebration in Baghdad on Monday as Iraqi security forces tightened security measures in Baghdad and others cities a day before the deadline of U.S. troops' withdrawal from cities and towns.
Baghdad mayoralty announced in a statement that a public party would be held at 6:00 p.m. (1500 GMT) at Baghdad's Zawraa Park, the biggest in the capital, to mark the "Day of National Sovereignty", as Iraqis named the June 30 date by which the U.S. troops would completely pull back from urban areas.
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Life after U.S. pullout brings worries for Iraqis

CNN — Sitting in his small room in northern Baghdad, a pistol nearby and assault rifles stacked under the bed, Khalil Ibrahim is worried over Iraq's future.
Six years after the U.S. invasion, Iraqis are contemplating the reality of life after a major milestone -- Tuesday's withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from urban centres.
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U.S. troops shift focus to rural Iraq

United Press International — U.S. combat troops, preparing to leave Iraqi cities on Tuesday, are working to secure rural areas officials say are hideouts for insurgents.
U.S. military officials said the shift is to prevent a revival of violence in Baghdad and other cities by augmenting security in less-populated areas where insurgents stash weapons and operate with greater freedom, USA Today reported Monday.
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